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What We do

We are an HMRC advance assured EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) Company. Our goal is to gain a reputation for quality tuition matched with a great user experience – we aim to be the 'go-to' institution for financial students.



E Learning typically requires 40% to 60% less employee time than the same material delivered in a traditional classroom setting.


E Learning participants learned nearly five times more material without increasing the time spent training.


The E Learning experience increases the retention rate by 25-60% by providing participants control over their learning and the ability to easily revisit material later.


$35 billion spent on E-learning globally and up to 2017 eLearning is expected to grow an average of 23%


Mobile learning is here - and here to stay. Smartphones and Tablets are increasingly present in our daily lives and have become a constant medium for work and pleasure. There has also been a massive shift to online education away from traditional PCs, with many individuals now educating themselves via a mobile learning experience, often to develop their professional and individual work or lifestyle goals. Technology is the tool that helps the educator create materials to help the student learn. It is the bridge thats allows interaction. Learning has changed, distance is re-defined and frontiers are obselete. The world is the audience and everything is instantaneous, interactive, real time, multi-tasking, constantly changing, a virtual classroom.


Mobile technologies have the potential to transform how we learn and invest, it has created a new context of usage which is "always on". We believe a clear gap in the market exists for a financial educator delivering high quality focussed content with entegrity via a mobile learning solution (App). Mobile learning offers opportunities to deliver a financial training experience that will result in improved retention, user engagement and enhanced user experience. It also provides the App with the opportunity to grow a user base organically via the sharing community. Mobile technologies, far from being a distraction, are increasingly recognised for their ability to enhance teaching and contribute to the learning experience.

Three times the size

Education as a whole is three times the size of the media and entertainment market and valued at €3.2 trillion, with the online education sector is around 20% the size of the digital media market. Education is undergoing the same disruptive change that the media industry has already experienced. The E learning market is expected to grow over the next 10 years and is likely to represent around 30% of the total education market. The growth in private and institutional funding becoming more widely available will accelerate change, It will support innovation and develop business in the sector. Therefore the transition to online education will be much faster than that experienced by the news and media industry over the last 10 years


One of the major challenges currently facing developers is how best to deliver a quality user experience on a mobile device, with the various sizes and forms of many mobile devices having smaller screens and keyboards. Its not as simple as just importing applications and text heavy reference guides and slides into an App and uploading it. We intend to break down the content and deliver it via a range of mediums to enhance the user experience.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." Benjamin Franklin